Aboriginal Art

Whether you plan to become a corporate member, to make an individual donation, or purchase artwork or associated cultural articles, you will directly contribute to the social, artistic and economic development of Aboriginal artists and artisans.

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Support us, corporate

Art and appreciation for Indigenous cultures can engage your employees, business contacts and external partners. By joining our corporate program and introducing them to Indigenous cultures and community values, you can enhance your corporate culture while supporting the process of reconciliation.
For more info, please download our  Corporate Membership form.

Individual support

The more people contribute to the project, the more impact it will have on the development of Aboriginal artists, here and abroad. You will also be part of those who contributed to shed the light on our cultural uniqueness.

Several ways to support individual title for artists:

For only 40 $, you will benefit from the following advantages:

  • A 10% discount on derived artistic products available;
  • A discount on the entry price for events presented by Sacred Fire Productions


A non-for-profit organization, Sacred Fires Productions is also a registered Cultural or Communications Organization (OCCE) which allows us to issue official receipts in Quebec for contributions made by donors.

That means that you can benefit, by becoming a donor, from a provincial tax credit of 20% for donation of $ 50 or more. You can make a one time donation, or if you prefer, monthly donations, spread over 12 months which, if the total annual amount exceeds $ 200, increases the tax credit to 24%.


You can also contribute by purchasing the artworks of the artists or the derivative cultural products : reproductions, greeting cards, annual weekly planner and other items.

Please visit us at the ASHUKAN Cultural Space or visit our Online Store.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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