Eruoma Awashish



With a degree in Interdisciplinary Arts from the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi, Eruoma Awashish wishes to teach about her culture. Her double identity, Atikamekw by her father and Quebecer by her mother, allows her to better understand the differences between these two peoples and to create a dialogue through her works. Her work speaks of hybridization and metamorphosis. Suffering is a theme she often addresses because, according to her, it is a gateway to transformation. Her work is full of spirituality, symbols and syncretism. She likes to combine symbols referring to the First Nations culture and the Catholic religion. Through these symbols, her works both speak about contrast and miscegenation, duality and balance, suffering and serenity … Her work questions the hybridization phenomena in First Nations culture.

“A culture that survives over the centuries is a culture that adapts and evolves. First Nations culture is a strong one, because it has never allowed itself to be subsumed by the dominant culture. Despite tentative attempts at assimilation, our culture has survived and evolved; it has transformed.”