Renée Condo


Renée Condo is a sculptor and specializes in bronze and is dedicated to creating original works of art that are unique, meticulously prepared, and inspiration driven. Of Mi’kmaq origin from the Gasgapegiag community, she was raised in the town of Grand Cascapedia until the age of 17, before heading to Montreal. In 2011, aimed at paying homage to the Grand Cascapedia River, sustainer of the life and culture of her town, and at providing salmon fishes lovers with an original work of art of a sport that inspires, captivates and challenges, Renée created her first bronze sculpture of a fisherman with his catch: a beautiful female Atlantic Salmon. She followed with a second fisherman sculpture in 2012, both to be displayed at the Cascapedia River Museum during the summer of 2012 as well as the 11 Nation Exhibit in Marché Bonsecours in Montreal.