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New board of directors

By September 15, 2020May 24th, 2021Events

Montreal, September 14, 2020 – Sacred Fire Productions (SFP) appointed a new board of directors at its Annual General Meeting on August 25th.

The presidency will be shared between two Co-presidents: Ms. Gail Chamberlain (member of the Wahnapitae First Nation) and Mr. Kevin Deer (member of the Mohawk / Kanien’kehà:ka Nation). The Vice-President is Ms. Marlene Hale (member of Wet’suwet’en First Nation), the Treasurer is Ms. Marisa Barkhouse (member of the Namgis Nation), and the Secretary is Ms. Hélène Binette. These members, three of whom are new to the board and two of whom are Indigenous elders, will strengthen the organization’s mission and bring new energy to it.
“In the current context, I am particularly proud of the composition of the Board of Directors which, for the first time in its short history brings together two traditional elders. Their presence on the Board will ground the governance in traditional ways of being and knowing, strengthening the organization in the promotion of Indigenous artists and traditional and contemporary artisans”, says new Co-Chair, Gail Chamberlain.

For his part, Mr. Kevin Deer, Co-Chair, will ensure that SFP focuses on its mission and pursues its ideal of reconciliation among peoples: “In these difficult times, when climate change and a global pandemic are calling us to rethink and re-create our connection to the land, indigenous art and wisdom are rich in teachings that need to be known and shared. Let’s collectively take this vision to heart, beyond unnecessary debate. »

About SFP

A non-profit Indigenous cultural organization founded in 2012, SFP’s mission is to build bridges between Quebec’s Indigenous artists and audiences of all ages and backgrounds, particularly in urban areas, so that these artists can assert themselves, develop and better live from their art. SFP believes in the revitalization and re-appropriation of Indigenous arts and cultural practices, traditionally rooted in communities. Through an approach that promotes intercultural exchange and dialogue, SFP hopes to contribute to a better understanding and positive attitude towards First Nations, Inuit and Métis cultures.

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